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Thermal Hydraulic Evaluation of a proposed annular Fuel for VVER1000 Reactor

Hassan, A.A. and El-Sheikh, B.M.


Isolation and Characterization of Phosphate Solubilizing Fungus in Vitro

El-Ghandour1,I.A.; Saadia M. Easa2; Abdel Aziz1, O.A.; Abeer M.Mousa1 and Heba G. Hussein1


Steady State Thermal Hydraulic Model for PWR Light Water Reactors

El-sheikh, B.M


Enhancing and Development of Human Resources Capabilities for NuclearFacilities in the Arab Countries Embarking on Nuclear Programs.

Ibrahim. I.S


Evaluation of a Primary Treatment Unit for the Cooling Water of a Nuclear Power Plant

Tawfik, M.S. and Tawfik, F.S.


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