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In Vitro Study to Recognize the Optimum Conditions Affecting the Endophytic Cellulase Production

El-Gamal, M.S.1; El-Ghandour, I.A.2; Abdel-Aziz, O.A.; Mousa, A.M.; Radwan, A.A. and Abdel-Moghies, A.H.


Physico-Chemical and Organolyptical Characteristics Of Cake Fortified By Irradiated Broccoli (Brassica Oleracea L.Var Italica) Powder

Khalaf, H.A.; El Saadani, R.M.A.; Mervat, M. Anwar and Hamed Aly


Effect of Heat Stress on Reproductive and Productive Traits in Baladi and Crossbred Goat Does under Subtropical Conditions

El-Sayed A.I.M., Farghaly H.A.M., Eid S.Y. and El-Zaher H.M.


Effect of Chromium and Selenium-E on Progesterone and Estradiol-17β Levels during Reproductive Cycle of Baladi Female Goats under Egyptian Conditions

El-Sayed A.I.M., Farghaly H.A.M., El-Zaher H.M. and Eid S. Y.


Assessment of Ventilation and Air Cleaning System Design Approaches for Nuclear Safety Requirement during Accidental Conditions in Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facilities

Khalifa, A.H.; Ibrahim, I.S. and Gadalla, A.A.

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