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Improving of Grid Interface with NPP Based on Optimal Capacitor Placement

Adail, A.S. 1 and Nagy S.A.2


Assessment of Diagnostic Reference Dose Levels Associated with Computed Tomography Examination

Taha, T.M. 1,2 ; Alehyani, S.H. ; Mihdhir, A.A. ; and Olataiby, M. 3


Effect of Volatile Oils and / or Gamma Irradiation on the 4th Instar Larvae of Galleria Mellonella

Mohamed, H.F. 1 ; El-Naggar, S.E.M. 1 ; Ibrahim, A.A. 2 , Elbarky, N.M.2 ; and Salama,M.S.M. 1

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