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content vol 5 no 2 2017



The Possible Therapeutic Role of Polyphenyl Constituents in Turmeric and Tamoxifen on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Chemically Induced in Rats

Abdelgawad, M.R.


Calibration of TLD in Eye Lens Dosimeter Hp(3) using wide Energy X-ray

Altaf, W.J. 1 ; Taha, M.T. 1, 2 ; Hassan, R.A. 1,3 ; Bahashwan,Y.M. 1


State Estimation for Electric Power System Measurements with Bad DataDetection and Identification

Adail, A.S.; Saleh, A.A. and Wadoud, A.A.


Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Montmorillonite and Magnetite Minerals for Removal Some Radionuclides from Aqueous Waste Solutions

Atta, E.R.


Toxicological Studies on the Effect of Gamma Radiation and Some Plant Oils on Greater Wax Moth Galleria mellonella (Linnaeus) (Lepidoptera :Pyralidae)

Farghaly, D.S. 2 ; El Sharkawy, A.Z. 1 ; Rizk, S.A. 2 and Bader, N.F. 1

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