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Pyrethroid Resistance Monitoring in Culex pipiens Mosquito Populations from Three Egyptian Governorates

Tageldin 1 ,R.A.; Zayed 2 ,A.;Abd-EI-Samie 2 ,E.M.;Mahmoud 1 ,H.I.and Zayed 1,A.B.


Roles and Responsibilities of TSOs in Strengthening the Design and Performance of NPPs.

Ibrahim. I.S


The use of Radiation Grafted LDPE for the Removal of Malachite Green Dye from Wastewater

Kamal,H. 1 ;Hegazy, E.A. 1 ;Soliman,E.A. 2 ;Shawky,H.A. 3 ,Kotp,Y.H. 3 and Farag,M.H. 1


Influence of Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR) algorithm on Dose Reduction and Image Quality in CT Chest with contrast Examination compared with the FBP techniques

Isam,M. 1* ;Mokhtar,A. 2 ;Abdelrazek,A. 1 ;EL Mogy,S. 3 and Oraby,A.H. 1


The Molecular Effect of Curcumin Subsidized by Radiation on HepG2 cell lines

Kaed A. 1 , Hassan N. 2 , El-Maghraby T. 1

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